A lot of exciting things are in the works here at Fort Gotten! As you probably know by now, our goal is to create a living and breathing universe with a set of dynamic systems that allows every kid to interact with the world.
In conjunction with the systems, we also strive to create an engaging storytelling universe, for which we are constantly developing and creating content in various art forms.
Here is a quick overview of some of the things we are working on. If you want further details, feel free to check the links below, where you can find our development and activity boards.
Quick Overview of the upcoming Things
  • NFT Customization System
  • $BottleCapz (in-game currency and on-chain token)
  • World-building Content (short stories, comic vol. 2, etc.)
  • Merch Store
  • Collaborations [The Lab]
  • Fort Gotten Wiki
  • Fort Gotten Marketplace
  • Fort Gotten Stakepool
  • Explorable 3D Environments & Interactive Digital Experiences

Development Roadmap

This will give you a general understanding of the things we are currently working on and what lies ahead, allowing you to have a better understanding of the future of the project.
Please keep in mind that this public roadmap is still a work in progress.

Activity Calendar

This calendar contains the project's most relevant dates, detailing upcoming activities, drops, and any other important announcements.
Please keep in mind that this Activity Calendar is still a work in progress.