The Campfire

The Campfire is the centralized place where every Fort Gotten Kid can easily access the Fort Gotten Ecosystem. It's a sort of holder's hub containing all the different tools and systems created for the Fort Gotten world. This system is a work in progress, so some of The Campfire's tools will be available in the future.
Take a look at all the exciting things you can expect to find here:

Customize your Kid [Soon]

Further explained on the next page, this is a system that allows the Fort Gotten Kidz from our main drops to be customized on-chain, either by equipping or removing kid-compatible assets and receiving them in NFT form.

Fort Gotten Wallet Explorer & Asset Viewer [Soon]

View all the Fort Gotten-related NFTs in your wallet in a single centralized platform that allows easy viewing and filtering according to Fort Gotten's relevant metadata and categories.
This interface should also integrate with all the other tools to facilitate easy selling or trading, customizing in our kid customization interface, and more!

Claim your Rewards [Live]

The place where you will be able to claim your care package containing your monthly rewards. The rewards may vary depending on factors such as the kidz you hold and their metadata, activities you have participated in, Discord interactions, etc.
These rewards range from $BottleCapz, to unique NFTs and Collectibles from all around the Fort Gotten World: Comics, Custom Art Pieces, Special Kid Compatible Assets, Metaverse Ready 3D Objects, and much more.

Photobooth [Live]

Use Fort Gotten Kidz in your wallet to create custom Profile Pictures and special "Photos" based on activities that might be going on. Customize the background, use custom stickers, add more kidz for a group photo, and even upload your own PNGs to create unique photos!

Squad Builder [WIP]

Some Kidz like to work together in squadz to aid their survival in the harsh world of Fort Gotten. These squadz are formed by 4 kidz from the same camp with complimenting backgrounds.
Every Fort Gotten kid background is 1 piece out of 4 total and, when putting the correct 4 pieces side by side, you get a complete panoramic view of the camp. So when you get 4 kidz with the 4 unique background pieces, your squad is born.
By creating and holding squadz, you might be eligible for special rewards, perks, and other benefits.

Fort Gotten Marketplace [Soon]

Our idea for this marketplace is to create an easier and specialized environment to trade, sell and buy all Fort Gotten-related content, allowing for easy filtering and search for any NFT within our Policy IDs (Fort Gotten Kidz, Kid Compatible Assets, Unique Kid Compatible Assets, and any other collectible).
Additionally, we want this marketplace to be a platform to empower creators to monetize their Fort Gotten-related content and art pieces, allowing for easy selling, trading, and purchase of fan-made content.

Creative Hub & Wiki [Soon]

Find and enjoy all sorts Fort Gotten-related content: Blog Posts, Art Pieces, Comics, Digital Experiences, Past Puzzles and Activities, and whatever else we create in the future.
For the long-term, we are also looking into the creation of a Fort Gotten Wiki; centralizing all in-universe knowledge of characters, locations, items, and lore.

Collection Explorer

Our Collection Explorer is an interface that allows you to view and filter every single token within the Fort Gotten main collections based on any aspect of the metadata (camps, equipment, or traits).

Discord Roles [Soon]

It is within our plans to make the Discord roles and interactions as chain-based as possible. This tool would allow you to change and manage Discord roles (such as camp or role) based on the Fort Gotten kidz you hold, allowing for more engaging roleplaying.