The Metaverse

A digital universe that allows the kidz to interact with the world they inhabit and its systems.
When we talk about the Metaverse, we are talking about the living universe that is Fort Gotten. From our point of view, a Metaverse does not translate to selling digital land, but to a well-defined and realized world with different systems that interact with each other to create a dynamic experience.
In this sense, we view the Metaverse as the complete Fort Gotten ecosystem that we are constantly building: an in-universe token ($CAPZ); a vibrant economy based on items, collectibles, and kidz; interactive digital experiences; lore and consistent storytelling and world-building; co-creation activities; different artistic interpretations of the universe; an active and creative community; etc.
That is the Metaverse we are building, and while we are pursuing the idea to make Fort Gotten a real digital place that is explorable and online, we are not currently working on that specific version of a Metaverse. Heck, all the second episode camps and places are already fully realized 3D environments, so it's definitely something we are keeping in mind.
With that being said, we are also working on making our project compatible with other Metaverse projects through 3D assets & avatars that can inhabit those places.
Browse this section to learn more about the systems we are building to bring our Metaverse to life.