BottleCapz are the "coins" powering the Fort Gotten Universe and the basic foundation for any kind of economy within the universe. While most of the kidz live with shared goods and are far off from what anyone would call a "functioning economy", there are still some special occasions where BottleCapz are used to fuel trade.
This On-Chain Cardano Token is the coin powering the Fort Gotten Ecosystem. It is an in-game currency used to interact with many of the systems and tools created for the project. For example, a small amount of $BottleCapz might be required to print a Photo you created in the Photobooth.
$BottleCapz have also been used by kidz to acquire further collectibles and NFTs (such as comic books and special assets) through Discord Activities such as auctions or pop-up shops held by The Collector.
As the project develops, $BottleCapz will evolve to include some aspect of governance in different aspects of the projects, such as prioritizing features, or helping decide community rewards for creators.
As the Fort Gotten team continues creating other projects in the future(such as Tent) and establishing relationships with other teams/projects, $BottleCapz will receive further utility with those projects.


  • Total Supply: 46,000,000
  • 15% Holder Distribution (Airdrop)
  • 15% Active Claiming (Staking)
  • 60% Fort Gotten Ecosystem Fund (Activities, Rewards, Marketing)
  • 10% Team Distribution

Acquiring $BottleCapz

With $BottleCapz being the fuel to interact with the Fort Gotten ecosystem, we plan to provide different ways to acquire them. These are the main plans for token distribution: An initial distribution to holders, activity and participation prizes, community rewards, and some sort of staking platform.

Quick Disclaimer

$BottleCapz are an in-game token for Fort Gotten used for project-related activities. The Fort Gotten Team cannot guarantee or give the $BottleCapz any kind of monetary value.