Quick Start Guide

Get a quick glimpse into the Fort Gotten and get a general understanding of the basic pieces of the universe and the project. Of course, this is just the beginning!

What is Fort Gotten?

Fort Gotten is the land where all our inner-kidz go once they are forgotten.
Fort Gotten is a Cardano NFT project with the goal of creating a space where everyone can reconnect with their inner child again; rediscovering their creative side. The project is centered around creativity, focusing on storytelling, roleplaying, community and co-creation through Fort Gotten Inner Kidz, the main tokens of the project.
Our universe allows fantastical stories to unfold, brings lost inner kidz together, and allows us to build a place where we can be our unhinged, creative selves again.

Basic Stats

Total Tokens
~3,000 Tokens Minted
~600 Wallets
ATH Sale
~5,000 ADA
~500,000 ADA
~3,000 Kidz

The Drops

There have been 3 main drops in Fort Gotten.
Episode 0: The First 200 (sold out - Oct 2021) Only 200 tokens were sold, this were the first kidz of the Forest.
Episode 1: The Kidz of the Forest (sold out - Oct 2021) A bigger drop (2000 kidz) focused on the Forest region.
Episode 2: The Kidz beyond the Forest (in progress) Our biggest drop yet (5000 kidz) where we explored the regions beyond the forest.

The Fort Gotten Kidz

The Fort Gotten Kidz (in NFT form) are the heart of the project, the inhabitants of the Fort Gotten Universe and the embodiment of our creativity: our inner kidz.
Once we grow up and lose touch with our creative side, we lose our inner kid. When that happens, they go to the lands of Fort Gotten.
Every kid token contains some information about the kid (metadata), the region they are from, the camp they inhabit, the clothes and accessories they wear, etc. This information might be used for roleplay or activities. Everything else is completely up to you!

The World

There are no adults, no rules, only kidz and their unique sense of wonder.
Fort Gotten is a land wildly unexplored and filled with mystery. A land stuck in a post-apocalyptic state, full of ruins of ancient cities, trashed vehicles, and completely overtaken by nature.
Time seems to flow in strange ways, too. Not only do the kidz not age... but there are some days that seem to take forever to finish and some that go by in a flash.

The Camps

Throughout the different regions of Fort Gotten, most kidz live together in camps, which are some sort of settlements where they create basic societies.
Every camp is unique and its inhabitants are all distinctly adapted to the environment their camp is located in. Currently, there are 8 known camps throughout 4 regions:
  • Forest: Camp Jesterday, Enola & RIPIO
  • Mountains: Camp Buruka, Otoco & Barro
  • Ocean: Camp OOLA
  • Valley: Camp Centro

The Roles

In these basic societies the kidz live in, they have defined 4 basic roles almost every kid fits in. These roles are used for Roleplaying & Activities, they may also help you when creating stories or art pieces related to your kid. Additionally, every role has some exclusive assets.
These are the roles and their basic "responsibilities"
  • Scouts: Exploration and Order
  • Foragers: Food and Resource Collecting
  • Tinkerers: Research, Development, and Building
  • Clerics: Medical, Emotional, and Spiritual Support

The Currency

Even though Fort Gotten's society is rather... primitive, there are traces of what might become a blooming economy, powered by BottleCapz. BottleCapz are used as a sort of currency throughout Fort Gotten.
For the moment, BottleCapz (or $Capz) are used as an in game currency in Discord. They allow the kidz to buy all sorts of things, from activity items to even other NFTs and collectibles. You can currently claim your $Capz using the command "/daily" on Discord, but an on-chain version is in the works and will be released soon, powering the whole Fort Gotten ecosystem.

NPCs: Recurring Characters

There are some rather important characters in the Fort Gotten World. These kidz are well known by most of the other inhabitants of Fort Gotten. They play a significant role in the story and are a key part of our roleplaying sessions and other activities.
Here are some of the characters that the kidz have interacted with thus far:
  • The Collector: A Mysterious Traveler, Merchant and Guide Figure for the Kidz.
  • Atom: A crazy scientist-kid who runs a lab in Buruka.
  • Kid 46: Devious Kid who's constantly trying to mess with the kidz.
  • Squad 46: The squad of the Kid 46, a group of kidz with seemingly evil plans.
  • Paperbag: Fort Gotten storyteller.
  • Hue: Art collector and curator.


Here in Fort Gotten, we try to keep things interesting and give everyone the opportunity to participate and be active through their own kidz.
Whenever you jump on Discord, you will probably find something going on, ranging from roleplaying activities to auctions, to puzzles, to mini-games, to movie nights, and whatnot.
You can find a calendar and overview of the upcoming activities here: [link coming soon].
Also, on Discord, you can find a section called "Activities", where you will find a Roleplaying Channel, an Active Quest Channel, and an Activity Guide.


By holding a Fort Gotten Kid, not only do you get to be part of an amazing creative community and participate in our activities while owning a cool piece of art, but you also become elIgible to periodically receive all sorts of rewards.
These rewards range from $BottleCapz, to unique NFTs and Collectibles from all around the Fort Gotten World: Comics, Custom Art Pieces, Special Kid Compatible Assets, Metaverse-Ready 3D Objects, and much more.
We are currently building a system that will allow you to claim a monthly carepackage containing the rewards. These rewards will vary depending on many factors such as the kidz you hold and their metadata, activities you have participated in, etc.
These rewards will be claimable in The Campfire.

We need to go deeper!

Keep in mind this is only a quick overview, and there is much left to uncover. Feel free to dive deeper as every topic touched here is further developed in this Litepaper.