Welcome to Fort Gotten

Hey there, fellow Kid!

It seems you found yourself lost in the Fort Gotten Universe. Worry not! This document will help you understand every single aspect you need to know to live and thrive here.
If you are new here and want to learn the basics of the project and the universe, be sure to go through the Quick Start Guide, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes! Should you be wanting a deeper understanding, you will find plenty of information in the rest of this Litepaper...
Finally, if you have any further question of anything related to the project or the information in here, be sure to reach us on any of our social media channels or on Discord, which can be found under the Useful Links Section.
Also, please keep in mind this Litepaper is and will always be a Work in Progress, as is the project, so many things are subject to change.
Welcome to Fort Gotten, fellow kid!