Every person has complete freedom to create and monetize any original content or art piece originally created within the Fort Gotten World.
Fort Gotten allows every holder to create any kind of content and/or art piece using their Fort Gotten Kidz in whatever way can. Holding a Fort Gotten NFT gives you complete ownership of that art piece and allows you to do whatever you see fit with it (derivative art, short stories, comic books, animations, merch, etc.).
We also encourage creatives from all over the world to use The Fort Gotten Universe as their stage for creativity and artistic expression in any way, shape, or form they can imagine. We strive toward creating a creative community where its users can freely create and monetize using the Fort Gotten Universe by creating all sorts of content and art set in the world of Fort Gotten.
The only thing we ask is for creators to be clear with labeling their creations as community-made content, steering away from presenting any sort of creation as official content created by the Fort Gotten Team.
In order to facilitate this, we have created this community creations logo, and ask you to use this whenever brand presence is required within your creations. You can download the different versions and applications of the logo here:
So that's it. Have fun creating, and please remember to share with us your amazing creations!
Last modified 5mo ago